TV – Mayday review – Episode Two

Episode two of Mayday and the ‘everyone is a suspect’ trope is growing on me, though it is still incredibly implausible. We lost the councillor this episode as, seemingly overburdened with the crippling debt from his failed housing development, he hung himself in the woods.

This is logical and believable, but you can’t do things like this to every character in the show or it strains credibility, and they’re going to have to do this, to explain why so many characters are acting suspicious.

The trope is a good technique for generating tension, creating genuine mystery and keeping the audience guessing, but it is TV shows that do this without sacrificing internal logic and believability that remain with you once they are over. I don’t think Mayday will be one of those show.

Away from the suspects we have characters like the floppy haired kid, who is striking up a relationship with the murdered (missing?) girl’s sister. I like this character, but his dialogue and behaviour is starting to cross the boundary between precocious and ridiculous. In one scene in the school, he pats his teacher on the arm, patronises her, and then delivers some overwrought dialogue to his schoolgirl friend, before kissing her. It just isn’t the action of a teenager, any teenager. It’s poor writing.

The missing girl’s twin sister however, is much better written, and the actor playing her is very good. Despite seeing very few scenes between her and her parents, you get the sense of a fractured relationship, all told through dialogue and character.

Still, I can’t help but come back to the implausibility of the show’s central conceit: the suspiciousness of so many characters. Not only are they suspicious, but none of them hide their suspiciousness. They keep looking all shifty, and saying strange things. Whatever one did kill her (assuming she’s dead) is an utterly terrible murderer. In fact, the only reason he hasn’t been caught yet is because of the good fortune of living in a town with a whole bunch of creepy weirdos.

As I said last review though, the show is keeping me watching, and it is pretty entertaining. I’m still onboard, though slightly reluctantly.


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