It’s Kevin Review – Episode Two – BBC Two

It's Kevin Episode Two BBCLast week I argued that It’s Kevin used absurdity as a crutch. Completely random things would happen, often as a way out of a sketch, or as a substitute for an actual joke. This week, the show did the same thing, and it will probably do it every week. I’m going to put this flaw aside, and review the show relatively independent of it.

Episode two was better than the first. It had more jokes – always a good thing in a comedy show, jokes – and sketches that mixed the traditional with the more experimental. The auction sketch for instance – ‘perhaps I’ve started the bidding a little high’ – was a nice twist on an old joke.

The WW1 sketch, where an officer comes up with a strategy to win the war but forgets it, and the army pushes on ahead anyway, assuming he will remember, was a funny premise with a hint of satire. And it ended with a funny and absurd punchline: ‘Quick, issue the order for everyone to get in the giant mechanical crabs!’ Frustratingly though, a voiceover then explained that the war was ‘finally killed off by disco’, and there was a cut to a 1970’s disco. Why? Not to bang on about it, but this sketch perfectly sums up the strengths and weaknesses of It’s Kevin, and it’s over reliance on absurdity. Why did we need some random, unfunny disco bit?

It’s a sketch show, It’s Kevin, and like all of them, it was hit and miss at times, and probably more miss than hit to be honest. This episode was better than the last though, and seemed to pack a lot of the better sketches in towards the end of the show. The band singing about ‘big wobbly tits’ and the amateur prime minister advert were okay and straightforward, and broken up with more original and more distinctively Kevin Eldon sketches, like the interview with the expert on queues.

Eldon is an outstanding comic actor. His delivery of lines can really improve a sketch. The Godzilla Black one I found kind of lame and unfunny, but Eldon’s pronunciation – ‘Godzilllllla Blaaaaack’ – got a chuckle out of me, despite the fact that I didn’t like the sketch.

The show was bookended by two songs, and they were both good and helped stamp some personality on the programme. The songs are probably what people will remember most, two months from now. The rap about pensions at the end was really outstanding, mixing good acting from Eldon with music that probably wouldn’t be out of place in the charts.

It’s possible I’m being pretty harsh on this show, criticising it so heavily in general when there are plenty of decent sketches, but I guess I hold someone of Eldon’s obvious talent to a higher standard than most. Plus, there’s that whole absurdity problem. Random, wacky things are ruining this show for me. I’ll still watch every episode though, so I guess it is pretty enjoyable.

Choice lines:

  • ‘What happens if you’re in a queue and it’s hit by falling space debris?’ ‘Bury the dead, phone NASA, reform a queue.’
  • ‘Why don’t you tell us all about i – oh you’re going to.’
  • Well you can’t afford the fare……………………………………

…….…………..and neither can we.’

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