The Job Lot review – Episode Six – ITV

The Job Lot Episode SixI really misjudged The Job Lot with my first review. I thought it had a lot of potential, and the ability to prosper into a funny and interesting comedy. It didn’t though. Every succeeding episode was poor and really quite unfunny. This last episode was one of the better ones, but still barely raised a smile.

Episode six’s set-up involved Trish abandoning her post to chase after her ex-husband. Karl had a brief and unsuccessful spell in charge of the office, before Danielle took over and instituted her policy of screwing around and doing no work.

It was an interesting enough plot, with some of the character development and themes that were missing in most of the episodes in the series. With Karl’s struggles we learned that Trish must actually do a competent job of running the place, and we also got a little insight into her character – as cartoonish as it was. There was one good scene in the pub were Karl realised that his life was just as empty as Trish’s. That’s the type of genuine moments The Job Lot consistently lacked.

Back at the office, Angela was involved in another broad plot involving a claimant gluing herself to a desk. I thought Angela was going to be an interesting character in this show, but she was just annoying. They could have made her a likable slacker, refusing to do any work and getting away with it because she’d just won a tribunal. Instead, she was consistently abrasive and not particularly fun to watch.

The episode ends with the new girlfriend of Trish’s husband (played by Daisy Beaumont of Star Stories) showing up and humiliating Trish. The last shot of the episode is Angela being humped by a dog, which is an appropriate enough commentary on this show’s standard of humour and depth.

I did like some of the characters in The Job Lot. Karl was a little interesting, though we saw very little of his motivations and hang-ups. We saw very little in fact of any of the characters. They were very 2D on the whole. And there was little to no theme in the show, and often no points being made with the episodes. And it wasn’t funny, repeatedly relying on slapstick and innuendo.

The acting was probably the best thing the show had going for it. On the whole though, it was just really poor throughout. A second series is not something I’ll be hoping for.

Choice lines:

  • My mate’s misses [swam with dolphins] in Florida and the dolphin…touched her up. With its nose.’
  • ‘Squirrels don’t like vinegar. Or salt. Or crisps.’
  • ‘What do you want?’ ‘I will have a jager bomb.’
  • ‘Why would he change the locks?’ ‘In case you tried to break in?’

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